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Our mission at Stacia's Mastery Massage and Bodywork is to alleviate pain and stress through a variety of massage and healing treatments. We are more than just massage therapists. We take a "body and mind" approach to help you achieve physical, mental and emotional balance. In addition to therapeutic massage, we also offer ion cleansing, aromatherapy and Reiki energy work--treatments that help your body find the balance that's unique to you. Feel free to browse the site and contact us for more information.

Massage & Bodywork

Stacia's Mastery offers massage services and bodywork in many different modalities including Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage, Vedic Thai Massage, and Cranial-Sacral Massage. We take a holistic approach to your health and wellness. Take hold of your health!

Healing & Aromatherapy

We provide a full array of aromatherapy services including vita flex therapy, raindrop technique, auricular therapy, as well as personal aromatherapy consultations.

We also provide unique healing modalities such as ear candling and Ion Cleanse therapy.

Energy Jewelry

Our line of energy jewelry features a wide array of handcrafted pieces including chakra pieces, power bracelets, stargazers, earth elements, and a men's collection.